Norton Gledhill’s Horticulture law team comprises experienced lawyers with a keen interest and real expertise in various segments of the horticulture sector.

Legal issues that face participants in the horticulture sector include many of those that affect other commercial entities, but there are generally nuances particular to the horticulture sector which require industry understanding to provide optimal legal services. Participants in the horticulture sector may find the following legal areas particularly relevant to their businesses from time to time:

  • commercial contractual relations, including supply & distribution agreements
  • leasing and licensing of real estate
  • whole of business transactions, including mergers & acquisitions and restructures
  • intellectual property protection issues, including under trademarks legislation and the Plant Breeders’ Rights Act 1994
  • packaging and labelling regulation
  • product recalls
  • employment and industrial relations
  • licensing, poisons control and other regulatory compliance
  • regulation of biomaterial import & export, including quarantine requirements
  • venue hire arrangements
  • trade practices issues, including anti-competitive conduct and consumer law protections
  • banking, finance and the granting of securities & guarantees
  • dispute resolution

Our clients who operate in this sector include manufacturers of planting media and related materials and equipment, managers of crop and dairy funds, various not-for-profit interest groups and others.

The leader of our Horticulture team, Michael Coker, has over 30 years’ experience in the horticulture field, particularly in the growing and administration of orchids. Michael is currently the President of the Orchid Societies Council of Victoria Inc. (OSCOV) and also of the North East Melbourne Orchid Society Inc., as well as being a fully accredited judge of the OSCOV Panel and a regular speaker at orchid societies and conventions in Australia and overseas.